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EXPLOITABILITY Exploitability of a vulnerability measures how easy it is for an attacker to discover and exploit the vulnerability, some might refer to this as likelihood.

IMPACT How impactful to your environment and organization a successful exploitation of this vulnerability is expected to be.




SSH keys can be stored project-wide in the project metadata. In that case, any user who has their SSH key in the project metadata can SSH into instances that don't explicitely block it.

Understanding Impact

Business Impact

instances that do not block project-wide SSH keys are potentially vulnerable to unauthorized access, especially from users who have left the organization.

Technical Impact

When an instance does not block project-wide SSH keys, any user who has their SSH key in the project metadata can SSH into the instance. This makes managing, auditing and revoking access challenging and error-prone since SSH keys are long-lived and not tied to a specific user.

For instance, disabling a user account in GCP does not prevent the user from accessing the instance if their SSH key is in the project metadata.

Identify affected resources

You can use the following gcloud CLI command to list instances that do not block project-wide SSH keys:

gcloud compute instances list --filter="-metadata.block-project-ssh-keys:true" --format="table(name, zone)"

Remediate vulnerable resources

Disable project-wide SSH keys for the instance by setting the block-project-ssh-keys metadata key to true:

gcloud compute instances add-metadata VIRTUAL_MACHINE --metadata "block-project-ssh-keys=true"

Alternatively, you can turn on OS Login on the instance, which disables metadata-based SSH keys. For a more systematic approach, you can enforce OS Login at the organization level using an organization policy.

How Datadog can help

Cloud Security Management

Datadog Cloud Security Management detects this vulnerability using the out-of-the-box rule "Datadog CSM Misconfigurations Rule | Instances should use instance-specific SSH keys instead of project-wide keys".


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