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Datadog Application Security is in Public Beta

Empowering security, operations, and developers to build and run secure applications together.


Securing modern-day production systems is expensive and complex. Teams often need to implement complex, expensive measures—such as security testing, periodic vulnerability scans and penetration tests, and protections at the network edge. Even when organizations have the resources to deploy these solutions, they still struggle to scale them and keep pace with engineering, especially as software teams accelerate their release cycles and migrate to distributed systems and microservices. Unscalable, piecemeal approaches to application security have fostered insecure applications that offer easy targets for attackers.

Only ten months after we welcomed Sqreen to the Datadog team, we’re excited to announce the public beta of Datadog Application Security, a new offering from the Cloud Security Platform. The product helps you get alerted when OWASP threats target web services business-logic, and enables you to assess impact and remediate—down to the code.

By combining security and observability data, Datadog Application Security empowers security, operations, and developers to build and run secure applications together—all from within the same Datadog platform they use every day.

Jeremy Garcia
Jeremy Garcia VP, Technical Community and Open Source

Two new Learning Center courses

With full comprehensive courses and shorter targeted scenarios, the Datadog Learning Center is a vital resource to ensure you’re able to leverage everything the platform has to offer. We’re excited to announce two new courses.

Progressive Delivery in Kubernetes:

We will demonstrate several strategies to implement progressive delivery. You will learn which of these strategies is best suited to your organization’s needs—and how a good observability strategy is key to being successful with progressive delivery.

High Scalable Observability Data Pipelines with Vector:

Vector is an open source platform for creating highly flexible and scalable observability data pipelines. In this course, you will learn how to use Vector to create processing pipelines for your logs and metrics. You’ll learn to use Vector Remap Language, Vector’s built-in DSL, in addition to Vector aggregators to process data from multiple observability agents.

Release Notes


Support for .NET 6 APM Tracing Library and more!

With the latest version of the .NET APM Tracing Library, we are excited to announce a version but to 2.x!

This new version brings quality-of-life changes to AspNetCore service naming, performance improvements, further support for .NET 6 and new integrations, and end-of-life support for .NET Framework < 4.6.1.