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Welcome to Datadog Security Labs

July 7, 2022

Welcome To Datadog Security Labs

Today, we’re happy to announce Datadog Security Labs, a dedicated place for Datadog to publish security research content for the community. On Security Labs, you’ll see the release of new open source tools, research projects, emerging threat reports, deep dives, telemetry studies, tips, videos, and more.

We envisioned a one-stop shop to share actionable, practitioner-focused content in order to help others better understand security, implement best practices, and navigate the rapid pace of security news. We want Security Labs to be in your top set of cloud security bookmarks, where you can read about the latest news and research directly from our experts and security professionals.

Some highlights of our previous work include:

We’re excited about the road ahead and can’t wait to share more tooling, insights, and stories from the trenches with the community!

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